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PixageFX Studio is the flagship of the PixageFX family. With PixageFX Studio you can turn photos, videos and animated GIFs into pixel art, oil paints, abstract paintings, cartoons, comics, sketches and more. In addition, thanks to its parametric structure, you can perform transform operations and much more that you may need every day.

PixageFX Studio has hundreds of modules. Each module is completely parametric. Just add a module to your project for the action you want to do.

For detailed information about PixageFX Studio, please visit our website. Please see the PixageFX Comparison chart for differences with other PixageFX family members.

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Ehm make this as a standalone please instead of needing Steam.. I bougth this app on steam but I would like to have it as a standalone.

have you got any demo to test it? For one-two images limit.?

You can download fully working demo at Steam

Oh, I see... 7 GB :O 

yes. because cuda runtimes and style files are very huge.

I downloaded Your soft, it's quite amazing, a lot of shaders and other cool stuff You put there. And still it's so fast. Damn, it's really good. Congratulations.

I'm glad you liked it. Thanks a lot for your kind comment.

Unfortunately it requires STEAM, this makes it almost unusable, not even the famous Aseprite did that...

Requires Steam… 😞

Yes, but you only need to activate it once. It can work in steam offline mode.

Yes, you are right. In the Purchase section, we do not have a statement other than "Your purchase comes with a Steam key. You will get access to the following files:" statement that you will need Steam. We apologize for misleading you in this matter. Unfortunately, our application is currently using Steam as copy protection. In the future, we will make it work in STEAM OFFLINE mode after activating it only once in Steam. We apologize again.

You must activate app from steam.. 

My art computer is offline only no internet connection, so I can't have steam. Listing also doesn't state that it requires steam.

Getting the error: Steam Connection Error when trying to launch the program.